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Darjeeling hotels near the shopping center are the best place to stay in Darjeeling. Generally, most tourists want to stay in hotels near the shopping center. Tourists consider all hotels in Darjeeling reasonably priced, but in the high season, prices can rise from Rs 4500 to Rs 5000. The British built the Mall Road for their travels, and today the Mall Road is a world-famous tourist destination. People commonly call the Mall Road a commonplace among the hill stations in the country. Yes, an attractive place like Fewer people visit Darjeeling Hill Station compared to the crowded Mall Road. Darjeeling hotels near the mall are a good choice for tourists.

Tourists can walk to Mall Road from Darjeeling Hotel Singalila in just 5 minutes. Hotel Singalila is one of the famous pocket-friendly hotels in Darjeeling. 

Shops near Darjeeling Hotels

Secondly, a trip to the hill stations of Darjeeling is incomplete without a shopping trip on the Mall Road. Most of the restaurants and shopping stores are located along the road of this Mall. Except for emergency vehicles, no other vehicles are allowed here.

In the chowrasta or malls of Darjeeling, you will find the most beautiful antique stores. The Mall Road in Darjeeling is located opposite the famous Das Studio. The surrounding hills and Kanchenjunga add to the beauty of Mall Road. This mile-and-a-half-long road is lined with hotels, stores and restaurants. If you want to buy Tibetan handicrafts, you will find many showrooms on Mall Road in Darjeeling. Besides, various traditional woolen items are easily available in the stores.

How to reach Darjeeling  by Bus

Thirdly, Winter means tourist season. And during this season tourists pass by the hills. But the cheapest way to get to Darjeeling is unknown to many. The bus to Darjeeling operated by the North Bengal State Transport Corporation costs only 105 rupees.If you want to go to Darjeeling during the season, the price for a reserved car is a little higher, about 3500 rupees. You can also go by carpool; the fare is Rs 200 per person. A bus, on the other hand, costs Rs 105 per person. With this small amount, you can visit Darjeeling. Therefore, tourists prefer to go to Darjeeling by bus.

Tenzing-Norgay bus station

The first bus departs from Tenzing-Norgay bus station in Siliguri at 6:30 am. Tourists say that this North Bengal State Transport Corporation bus is very useful for travel. They spend much less money

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