Hotels in Darjeeling

Hotels in Darjeeling with Kanchenjunga view. Firstly, if you are searching for Hotels in Darjeeling with a Kanchenjunga view from a room you will find very few hotels. Every tourist wants to enjoy Kanchenjunga from a room and balcony with a cup of tea. Secondly, as a famous tourist spot, you will find hundreds of hotels in Darjeeling. Only very few Hotels in Darjeeling offer a such great view of Kanchenjunga. In my observations, I find many hotels will offer comfort and luxury. Thirdly,  some hotels in Darjeeling with a Kanchenjunga view will charge very high prices during the season. In general, the demands of Kanchenjunga view hotels are very high. 

How to book Luxury hotels in Darjeeling 

Before, I come to the list of hotels in Darjeeling. I would like to caution tourists that many hotels will claim they have great views of Kanchenjunga. I will inform you of some of the budget hotels and Luxury hotels in Darjeeling with Kanchenjunga view. You must remember only a viewing room is not enough to select good hotels.


One of the upscale Luxury hotels at observatory hill.

Price Range: Rs 12000 to Rs 16000


The best Luxury Darjeeling with a Kanchenjunga view is located on Gandhi road. This is a very large hotel with 62 rooms with parking and lift facilities. All the premium rooms have balconies.

Price Range: Rs 10000 to Rs 12000

How to book Budget hotels  with Kanchenjunga view

Fourthly, Darjeeling is the only tourist spot probably in the world where budget customers and budget-category hotels dominate the hotel industry.  I will give you some information on the best budget hotels in Darjeeling .

Darjeeling Hotel Singalila is one of the most popular budget hotels near mall road. The hotel is located just 5 minutes walking distance from the mall. All 14 rooms have common balcony rooms that are neat and clean and rent is very affordable.

Price Range: Double occupancy Rs 2200 To Rs 2500 During Season time. Triple occupancy Rs 2800-Rs 3200.

Rs 1500 to Rs 1800 during the off-season.

Darjeeling Hotel Summer Palace is one of the most popular hotels for budget customers. The main feature of Summer Palace is a privet balcony for all rooms. The hotel is Just 20 minutes away from the mall.

Hotels in Darjeeling with Kanchenjunga view