Hotels near Darjeeling Mall Darjeeling starting at Rs 1800

Hotels near Darjeeling Mall Darjeeling starting at Rs 1800

If you are searching for hotels near Darjeeling Mall starting at Rs 1800, then this blog may help you. Firstly, every Bengali tourist always travels with friends and family, and family room is good option. In fact, family rooms are specious and can accommodate up to 4-5 people and pocket friendly. Similarly, if you are looking for solo or romantic trip, you can opt hotels that offer honeymoon suits. In general, you will get hotels near Darjeeling Mall Darjeeling starting at Rs 1800 during off season and mid season. . The best things about staying in hotels near mall are that you will be in the heart of the city. Importantly, all the major government offices and tourist related information centers are just walking distance from mall.

Hotels near Darjeeling Mall Darjeeling

Most of the Darjeeling hotels near mall offer important amenities like, 24- hours hot water, free Wi-Fi and TV.  Some of the hotels having balcony with Kanchejungaha view and city view. On the contrary, many hotels also offer facilities like SPA, restaurant, and bars. So, if you want to relax after a long day sightseeing, you can go for meal and drink to restaurant.

Hotels in Darjeeling starting from Rs 1800

Hotel Singalila

If you are searching for Hotels near Darjeeling Mall starting from Rs 1800 then Singalila is charming option. Because, the hotel is just 5 minutes walking distance from mall and rooms are well decorated and view is excellent. All the 14 rooms having balcony and Kanchenjunga view from room is breathtaking. In addition, the hotel offers different offer during season and off season and offers are pocket friendly. In other words, if you wish a hassle free vacation and good service at hotel then Singalila is a perfect option. Before choosing ant hotel here is some key point’s everyone must consider.

Hotels near Darjeeling Mall Darjeeling

Room Rent: Firstly, hotel Singalila is relatively less expensive than any nearby Darjeeling hotels. They charge Rs 1800 to Rs 2000 during season and off season with complementary breakfast. This is excellent option for budget customer.

Location: At Darjeeling you need a hotel which is conveniently located especially flat road. In other words, you need a Hotel near  Mall Singalia is just 5 mentees walking distance from mall.

Basic amenities:  Darjeeling is cold during the year, to overcome this cold during your stay you need Geyser and room heater. However, at Darjeeling you will find many hotels, they will not offer 24 hours geyser. In fact, they control Geyser from their control panel, and they switch on geyser limited time. To put it another way, you will not get hot water at night and early morning, but Singalila offers 24-hours geyser facility.

Best Darjeeling Hotels Near Mall
Hotels near Darjeeling Mall Darjeeling

Basic amenities and Meal Plan

Free Wi-Fi: Mobile and Internet connection at Darjeeling is not up to the mark. But at Singalila Wi-Fi is far better than mobile internet.

Meal Plan: Hotel singalila is famous for combined meal plan including, breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. In general, combined meal plan popularly known as Food & lodging and this plane is very economical for budget customers

Summer Palace

If you are searching for grate budget hotel in Darjeeling, then Summer Palace is perfect option. It is true that, the hotel is 20 minute away from Darjeeling Mall but, view from room is excellent. In fact, every tourist always expect good hotel at cheap rate and Summer Palace is perfect budget hotel. However, summer palace is the most booked hotel in Darjeeling and winner of Trip advisor traveler’s choice.

Why Summer Palace best budget hotel

Budget hotels are always charming option for travelers in Darjeeling, because budget hotels are affordable and comfortable. In fact, there are many reasons why budget hotels are popular, including:

Room rent:  Summer palace always offer cheap rate than any other Darjeeling hotels. Season time rate Rs 1800 and off season rate Rs 1400.

Why Cars Can’t Reach Some Hotels in Darjeeling?

Some areas in Darjeeling that are specially designated as pedestrian zone. In other words, cars are not allowed to drive in this area but car can reach at Summer Palace. This is a big advantage for the tourist, who wants to stay at Summer Palace.

Amenities: Summer palace is the hotel in Darjeeling which offers best amenities like, 24- hours geyser, paid room heater, free Wi-Fi.

Water supply at Summer Palace

Water supply is one of major problem in Darjeeling, and every guest has poor experience about it. In fact, water supply in Darjeeling is not adequate to meet the demands, especially peak tourist season. However, summer palace has arranged 24- hours’ water supply at hotel to meet customers demand.

Hotels near Darjeeling Mall starting from Rs 1800

In conclusion, in this blog I have provided information about two budget hotel Singalila and summer palace. Firstly, hotel Singalia is best option for those who want to stay near mall. Secondly, summer Palace is good option for those who want more budget option with great view.

Hotels near Darjeeling Mall Darjeeling